Maura Barclay

An unapologetic champion for diverse 

voices in leadership.

Maura Barclay

An unapologetic champion for diverse

voices in leadership.

A company’s culture is its
competitive advantage.

Here’s an ugly truth: far too many companies succeed despite their organizational makeup.

They talk about their record-breaking profits.

They speak to their company’s mission as the driving force behind all that they do.

They credit “their people” as the unsung heroes of their organizations.

But underneath all that talk are all the things a company doesn’t talk about.

Like the record turnover and unprecedented sick leave.
The harassment lawsuits, low work satisfaction, and the ongoing interpersonal conflict.

It is the disconnect between what upper management says are the core values of the organization and what those on the front lines experience day in and day out.

To put it bluntly: too many organizations are at war with themselves.

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It’s time to introduce a more sustainable business model for the 21st century.

One that recognizes that a company’s culture is its currency.
That puts the company’s mission at the heart of what drives the organization.

Where values aren’t just empty platitudes written on a website — but the driving force that influences every aspect of how an organization runs its business, treats its employees, and delivers its services.

The smartest CEOs know this.
They know that when a company is aligned with its culture, it has the power to be nimble and to make changes quickly because everyone is on the same page.

They know that when they put culture first — magical things can happen.

But they also know that it’s one thing to want a better culture — and another to actively create it.

But it can’t happen until someone is courageous enough to decide that the status quo doesn’t cut it.

To see that business as usual — simply doesn’t work anymore.

That building a better business means running a business better.

I want to help your organization change for good.

I’m Maura Barclay.

Turning culture into your company’s most profitable asset.

Maura Barclay
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Laura Mount

Laura Mount

Laura Mount Operations Manager Prince Financial

When I found Maura, I was overwhelmed, unable to focus and I didn’t have clarity on where I was going in my work. I was a workaholic, exhausting myself and feeling like my life was happening to me, like I had no control. I had read all the books but I couldn’t make headway. When I started working with Maura, I was surprised how fast I made progress — I felt better immediately. I was also surprised at how many people at work noticed I was different. I was more calm, focused and way less reactive. I see where I have control now, I can’t remember what it was like before. My supervisors have noticed, I’m getting bigger bonuses and more opportunities are coming my way because of my clarity, calm and focus. Maura does such a good job reflecting blind spots and affirming your growth. Hire her. She’s worth every penny.

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J.K., Securities at Amazon

When I came to Maura, I was feeling extremely dispirited and completely stressed at work. Maura provided me with the learning and self-awareness tools I needed to get real results immediately through her multi-disciplined approach. As a result of the changes that I've achieved on the inside, I can see real differences in my outer world. My stress disappeared, and I'm enjoying my role in a whole new way.

I’m Maura Barclay

I’m Maura Barclay.

Talent and culture optimization consultant

I’ve worked in many industries in a variety of roles but one thing that’s been consistent is my love for identifying gaps that are hindering performance or retention and creating strategic training to measurably improve culture and performance. I’m research oriented and passionate about using what works, even if it’s something unconventional. Whether it self-paced digital training or a blended learning, sourcing the best SME’s and building best in class talent and leadership effectiveness programs have helped my clients attract and keep their top performers.

Over the years of coaching business leaders, I’ve had the privilege of a front row seat to personal and organizational transformation. Having a diverse career path has equipped me to work successfully with a wide-range of personalities, leadership styles and organizational challenges using evidence-based, proven processes to create incremental and sustainable change. No matter what industry you’re in, one thing remains constant: investing in people will grow your business.

Without friction, there’s no traction.

I bring a holistic approach to Cultural Fitness to foster a universal mindset, cultural continuity across all departments, and IC support that inspires more inner peace, optimized performance, and growing profits in an ever-changing world.

The importance of an organization’s Cultural Fitness first became apparent to me when my dream job turned out to be a dumpster fire:

  • Working in an environment where politics overtook principles
  • Where meetings were regularly canceled at the last minute with no chance to reschedule
  • Witnessing the highest levels of leadership being protected and not held to the same standards and ethics as the rest of the organization
  • Discovering that the majority of time spent by in-house attorneys was dealing with harassment lawsuits
  • Recognizing their business model built lawsuits into their P&L rather than shifting their culture to one with more transparency and conflict resolution support

When I found myself working harder to do my job than what I was hired to do, I became aware that it was time to reevaluate how a company approaches defining and implementing its culture.

Everything I teach is evidence-based.
My diverse background has equipped me to work successfully with a wide range of personalities and organizational challenges. Every business has a unique DNA, and I tailor every program to create change at the pace that fits with that culture.

without friction there is no traction

Here’s an ugly truth: far too many companies succeed despite their organizational makeup.

That’s where I come in.

I help pioneering business leaders forge a healthier culture of resiliency that inspires inner peace, performance, and profits in an ever-changing world.

Meet Maura Barclay

My methodlodies and trainings were developed:

  • 10+ Years providing 1:1 mentoring and group facilitation in the mind-body trained and certified instructors in therapeutic yoga and meditation
  • Teaching embodied anatomy which provides the physiological basis for many of my mindfulness and mental hygiene tools
  • Working 10+ years as a trainer teaching conflict resolution and primal communication
  • 15+ years working with a Ph.D. advisor to scientifically validate my methodology and tools

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