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Consulting powered by science and people-data that maps your talent strategy to your business objectives.

Driving INCLUSION and ENGAGEMENT through leadership effectiveness up-skilling, custom L & D programs, cross-cultural fluency, and metrics-based milestones that are scalable and effective. 


Make culture your competitive advantage.

My name is Maura Barclay. I’m on a mission to help companies achieve their objectives while becomming one of the BEST PLACES TO WORK. Attract great talent, hire quickly and accurately with Precision Hiring and retain that talent by operationalizing psychologically safe cultures that drive PERFORMANCE, build BELONGING and unleash LOVE for WORK.

Is Your Current Role In Your Thrive Zone?

With over 25 million completed assessments to draw upon, the PREDICTIVE INDEX free-word choice assessment will instantly deliver your unique drivers that accurately predict your ‘thrive zone’ directly to your inbox.

Meet Maura Barclay

Your Employee Experience Optimization Partner

Meet Maura Barclay, Founder of Changing Greatly.

Being a former professional fire fighter was a crash course in inclusion and trust. When your brothers and sisters are putting their lives in your hands, a high-trust culture is essential and “performance” could literally mean the difference between life and death.

After years of service, I recognized that I wasn’t a culture fit and it fueled my passion to help organizations communicate their core values clearly and map those values to behaviors which inform the culture.

I bring a unique perspective drawing from nearly two decades of diverise experiences as a F500 speaker/trainer, US Military SME/trainer, executive coach, instructor trainer and L & D specialist.

I help companies reclaim runaway revenue lost to attrition and bad hires by implementing Precision Hiring and Employee Experience optimization programs with purpose built People Strategy that enables your performance goals.

The future of competitive advantage will go to the companies who have exceptional leadership that consistently inspires people to do their best work.


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Bonnie Michelman

Bonnie Michelman

Bonnie Michelman CPP CHPA Executive Director, Massachusetts General Hospital & Partners Healthcare

Maura Barclay is an explosion of energy, expertise and practical information to inspire, empower and educate people in so many ways. Her work will protect organizations, enable leaders to optimize their skills. Her presentation style and approach is beyond dynamic. Her multifaceted and diverse experiences and professional background offer a rich perspective that is truly enlightening.

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Ed Hinman

Ed Hinman

Ed Hinman Director of Career Advancement and Mastery Gavin de Becker & Associates

I invited Maura to teach her mindfulness techniques to our security consulting firm’s training instructors, some of the nation’s leading experts in the protection of public figures. Maura’s training is innovative, original, and effective.

Culture & Talent By The Numbers

The Great Resignation has revealed that of the top 5 predictors for attrition, toxic work culture is 10.4 times more likely to cause attrition than compensation — 6.9 times higher than any other factor.

Importance of culture to post-covid era talent: 78% won’t consider a position unless the company culture aligns with their core values.

Every year, $600 billion is lost to attrition. Companies that successfully design psychologically safe cultures benefit from:

  • 27% reduction in turnover
  • 50% increased productivity
  • 76% more engagement
  • 57% increased collaboration
  • 74% decrease in stress
  • 29% more life satisfaction

The numbers don’t lie. The amount of money being left on the table by traditional command and control leadership will be snapped up by forward thinking, team-first approaches to modern leadership. It’s already happening.

A company’s culture is its currency.

Research conclusively shows us that psychological safety is the underpinning of employee engagement, customer satisfaction and ultimate financial success of any company. The higher the safety, the more welcoming the culture, the more discretionary effort goes into delighting customers. The companies that get this right will dominate their market.

Workforce expectations are changing. I want to help you drive the future of work at your company, not just react to it.

People don’t want just to earn a paycheck anymore; they want do something that matters to them. They want to have pride in their tribe — knowing that they are part of something special, where they are welcome, valued and supported. They want to work with a company where they feel respected, free to speak up and have a voice in how the culture is evolving.

And the smartest CEOs know this.

My Philosophy

An ounce of CEO commitment is worth a pound of HR policy.

Although every individual is responsible for company culture, it starts at the top. The CEO sets the tone. 

Work With Me

Data-Driven Ways to Make Culture Your
Competitive Advantage.

Cultural Fitness Courses On-Demand
Employee Experience Architecture

If your core values can’t be mapped to a human behavior, then they are platitudes on a page. A purpose built, values-driven culture must be present in the employee journey to make good on your company culture claims. From job posts, through on-boarding, promotions and exit, every touch point is an opportunity to build psychological safety and belonging.

Departmental Training
Precision Hiring Program

Hiring without behavioral data to inform those decisions, is like throwing darts blindfolded. Predictive Index job targeting and interview guides to explore the gaps can optimize your hiring process while removing bias and subjectivity. Hire quickly and confidently.

1:1 Private Consulting
High Performance Team Design

Leveraging the workstyles framework quartile, behavioral assessment and analysis provide a deep and nuanced understanding of team strengths, challenges and if the right people are on the right team to acheive the strategy.