The C-Change Podcast

Company leaders changing culture for good.


The C-Change Podcast
Breaking free of homogenized leadership culture is no small task.

To help break it down, I’ll be talking to seasoned CEOs, Industry leaders, and powerful influencers who know firsthand how to elevate people and profits through diversity in leadership.

Completely unfiltered. Unapologetically Real.
These conversations will inspire, motivate and give you the actionable strategies you need to make culture your competitive advantage.

Please join us as we celebrate these heroes of inclusion.

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Maura helps you see that your ideas are potent, marketable and needed. She has an eye not just for talent, but for seeing YOUR talent. She will find where you are missing the mark and guide you towards a bulls-eye. The bulls-eye of course takes much more work than missing the mark, but you will increase your credibility and legitimacy as an expert or business owner by going through the steps and analysis that she presents to you. Maura is not afraid of confrontation, and that can be very discombobulating for people used to hearing YES. She’s interested in making you better, not keeping you complacent.”
Jill Miller

Best selling author of The Roll Model, creator of Yoga Tune Up