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I am driven to help companies create psychologically safe spaces that UNLEASH PASSION and LOVE for WORK.

1 on 1 Consulting

Precision Hiring Program

Predictive Index has blended social psychology with AI, producing extraordinarily accurate predictive results. 

Behavioral data the accurately predicts behaviors and needs of candidates enables hiring managers to make data-driven decisions quickly with high confidence, preventing bad hires.

Past clients who’ve used the Precision Hiring Program:

  • 98% say it enhances the hiring process
  • 70% say it helps remove bias and subjectivity
  • 3x better retention of high-performing employees

Custom built job targets. Interview into the gaps. Make offers quickly and confidently to lock-in top talent.

EX Design

A holistic approach to company culture

78% of job seekers won’t consider a position unless the company culture aligns with their core values. Putting core values front and center early in the employee experience is critical to attract top talent, particularly with DEI.

This program includes process and policy analysis to identify what’s working and where the core-value messaging is being forfeit. Culture Continuity consulting also includes working with internal stakeholders to build an EX map that flows seamlessly from one point in the employee journey to another, helping them feel supported and included, driving engagment and retention.

Unbreakable Woman® Leadership Academy for Women

Leadership is often conflated with gender. Traditionally, women have been underrepresented in government and business, thus “leadership qualities” have always been defined by men and often women are expected to emulate those qualities to be considered an effective leader. Unbreakable Woman® is a unique intuitive empowerment and leadership training for women that identifies their natural leadership strengths and influence styles that honors their personal culture. This training is modular and can be adapted to various formats including self-paced e-Learning and cohort-based blended learning.


High-Performance Team Design

This assessment data driven program leverages the accurate and nuanced profiles of team leads and members to ensure the team dynamic is cohesive and poised to deliver on the strategy. If there are gaps, Predictive Index guides the strategic talent solution to align the team strategy to the company goals.


Feedback Revolution: Manager’s Training

Many managers struggle with giving constructive feedback. So much so, 28% of managers don’t do it. This robs both direct report and manager of a relationship deepening conversation that drives performance, engagement and rention. Learn the secret sauce to inspiring constructive feedback that feels good to give.


Psychological Safety Made Simple: Leadership Effectiveness Training

Psychological safety was brought into the forefront of business practices by Dr. Amy Edmonson with her book Fearless Organization, in 2018. Although a new concept to business, it is the underpinning of a healthy cutlure that supports engagement and discrentionary effort. This training is designed for leaders at every level to help them craft values-based working agreements to model and operationalize psychological safety and belonging. This is a must-have for any organization that wants to build or re-build trust.


Your Company Culture Fitness Lives In These 5 Key Areas:

Culture change can feel over-whelming. Focused training in these 5 domains will provide tactical support and a clear path to a healthier, resilient and sustainable culture.

Safety Service
1. Psychological Safety

This is the underpinning of all great culture. Cultural Fitness begins with creating an environment where sharing different perspectives, raising concerns and providing responsive feedback is welcomed without reprisal. Increasing psychological safety includes increasing the visibility of executives and their vocal intolerance of abusive conduct and modeling the ability to hear constructive feedback.

Training in this domain includes:

  • Bias navigation to help build communication bridges and significantly improve inclusion
  • Emotional Intelligence (EQ) training to increase self-awareness and empathy
  • Unique Culture Profile – a facilitated experience that creates instant empathy across all differences
Safety Service
Promotion Path Service
2. Career Pathing

Culturally fit organizations provide a clear and consistent path for growth and promotion. This is a mission critical domain to attract top female and BIPOC talent.

Consulting in this domain includes:

  • Reviewing the on-boarding process for opportunities to increase the visibility, clarity, and transparency of the promotional path
  • Analyzing the metrics for in-house promotion against the diversity in the staff pool to uncover opportunities for preparing all candidates for these positions
  • Identifying opportunities for mentoring and other inclusive initiatives

Maura Barclay was contracted to create an original presentation for over 200 employees. Attendees really identified with her energetic, engaging, and down-to-earth style and every person in the audience left with many practical and immediately actionable tools. A fantastic training. Maura exceeded every expectation!

Lorna Proctor

Starbucks Global Safety and Security
Seattle, WA

Well Being
3. Wellbeing

The psychological and emotional health of employees is essential to an organization’s success. Employee burnout is at an all-time high. Supporting wellbeing at work will pay off quickly with increased engagement and performance.

Consulting in this domain includes:

  • Identifying low/no-cost strategies to visibly encourage and support staff to promote and practice work/life balance
  • Identifying potential strategic partnerships in the mind-body and fitness arena to help employees stay well mentally and physically
  • Collaborating with senior leaders and managers to ensure work-life balance values are being modeled and celebrated
  • Measuring take-up rates for benefits to prevent “ghost benefits” 
Well Being
Work Satisfaction
4. Employee Engagement

Employee satisfaction is a crucial marker of cultural fitness and it is directly related to customer NPS.

Consulting in this domain includes:

  • Identifying the correct acknowledgment at the correct time based on employee assessment data
  • Measuring eNPS or evaluating previous metrics and taking action as needed
  • Predictive Index Inspire module for nuanced, individualized support plans guided 


Conflict Service
5. Conflict Management

Conflict is expected within all organizations. How it is handled can make or break your culture.

Consulting in this domain includes:

  • Tracking metrics to identify areas where conflict is more prevalent and provide feedback sessions to identify the root of conflict dynamic
  • Providing Predictive Index Design to demystify team dynamics and help prevent conflict before it starts
  • Communication training to provide languaging tools for difficult conversations, normalizing healthy friction
Conflict Service